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Virtual Reality

Unlock New Dimensions: Dive into the Wonders of Virtual Reality. Embark on a journey with our VR equipment and redefine your reality through immersive gameplay.

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Birthday package

$350 up to 15 people
2 hours

Birthday parties $350 up to 15 people 2 hours

Hoverboard track


Hoverboard Track in Virtual Reality: Feel Adrenaline and Speed on Virtual Race Tracks

1 Hour of Unlimited Virtual Fun

Per hour per person

15 Virtual Stations of Entertainment: VR Games, Education and Adventure

VR Super Armor

A thrilling 3-player journey into space where players interact with a high-tech spaceship as they battle alien threats and explore incredible space landscapes.

VR Space Wheel/moto

VR Space Wheel/Moto - Intense space adventure on a motorcycle in virtual reality, where you explore space landscapes

VR Space Machine

VR Space Machine - Virtual reality space travel where you operate a spaceship and explore incredible galaxies and planets.

VR Racing

VR Racing - Adrenaline racing in virtual reality, where you compete for first place on the most emotional tracks.

VR Slide

VR Slide is a virtual water park where you glide along epic water slides and interact with water adventures in virtual reality.

VR Ski simulator

VR Ski Simulator is a virtual reality ski simulator that lets you jump into realistic mountain slopes and turn on the adrenaline of competitive skiing.

VR Shark

VR Shark - A virtual adventure where you explore the ocean depths and meet terrifying sharks in an exciting virtual reality environment.

VR Beat Hero Dance

VR Beat Hero Dance is a virtual rhythm game where you become the hero of music by dancing and controlling the rhythms in an exciting virtual reality.

VR Super Hero

Is an exciting virtual reality ride that will immerse you in the world of superheroes and make you feel like a real hero

About us

At unVreal VR Lounge we focus on providing high-quality immersive 4D VR experiences. Only at unVReal VR lounge you will be transported into a world that is unVReal. The goal of our immersive 4D VR is to transport users from their physical surroundings into a digital realm, enabling them to experience and interact with a computer-generated world as if it were real.

We offer multiple experiences, from a race on a track to a race in space, from a walk with dinosaurs to a world saving mission. At unVReal Vr lounge you will find something for everyone, our equipment is for kids and adults, single and multiplayer. Come visit us, and experience the unVreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games are available for VR?

There is a wide range of VR games available including adventure, shooter, sports, puzzle and many other genres. Many famous games have versions or adaptations for VR.

What are VR controllers?

VR controllers are devices that hold users in their hands and allow them to interact with the virtual world. They may have buttons, joysticks, and touch surfaces for control and interaction.

What are VR glasses or helmets?

VR glasses or helmets are the main component of VR equipment. They are put on the user's head and provide video and sound of the virtual world. They may also have built-in motion tracking sensors.

What is VR equipment?

Virtual reality (VR) equipment allows users to immerse themselves in immersive virtual worlds, creating the feeling of being in them. It includes VR glasses or helmets, controllers and sensors to track movements.

What are the applications of VR equipment?

VR equipment is used in various fields, including games, education, medicine, training, architecture and entertainment. It allows you to create interactive simulations, workouts, virtual tours, and more.